Solar Panel Installations Ireland

Solar Panel Installations Dublin, IrelandIn terms of renewable energy in Ireland Solar Panel Installations are by far the most affordable and common form. Solar Panels harness the unlimited supply of the Sun’s free energy. They will greatly reduce your homes energy bills, with zero running cost. Not only will they greatly reduce your energy bills, but will also greatly reduce your carbon emissions making them a great future investment for renewable energy. They can raise your homes BER rating therefore, increasing the value of your home.
You will be delighted to have hot water on tap 24 hours, all year round!

How Solar Panels Work?

The black surfaces on Solar Panels attract heat from the Sun. the same principal when you feel the heat from tarmac on a hot day. The heat generated by the Solar Panel is then transferred to the hot water cylinder for usage. The heat is transferred from the Panel to the cylinder using a pipe and a small pump. Solar Panels should last at least 20 years with little maintenance needed. An annual check is all that’s needed to keep them efficient. Solar Panels should point directly south to ensure it operates at its best. You could have your Solar Panels payed back within 5 years of your energy bill savings. Your boiler life will also be extended 20% due to it not having to work as hard.

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